Deerspiration: Flat sandals

This week I'm inspired by flat sandals. It's spring and the summer is coming soon. I've spotted a lot of people in the city already with flat sandals on. I just love these type of shoes because they're so simple but yet so edgy.

I'm in love with these two pair of sandals, especially the Mamut shoes by Sacro. The black and white leather combination is such divine. The white Charli Gladiators from Boohoo are simple but so cute, a real musthave!

This Zara Bio sandal is real eye candy, the design is stunning. Perfect in combination with long skirts and a cute pair of socks!


  1. I loved that Kate Spade flats shown in first picture. I would be thankful if you made it easy to shop this piece for me. Thanks in advance.

  2. Great post, I really like the picture. The Van reminds me of my college roadtrip.

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