Beauty and health: Honey mango yoghurt

Yoghurt, it's easy and filling. Today I made a honey mango yoghurt with a shred of munt. It's not only filling, it's also super healthy. You know that yoghurt contains the same number of proteins as 1 ounce meat. It also helps to keep you fit! The honey helps to keep you healthy, it's a healing product, that also gives a lot of energy! The mango in this recipe makes it fresh and is a true vitamin bomb. God, I just love mangos! 


Deerspiration: Alienated

This week's inspiration is all about the alienated look. White, minimalistic clothing, weirdness and most of all edgyness.

I love this look of Duran Lantink, it's a different kind of beautiful. It's also really edgy and mysterious. I always had a love for looks like that in combination with minimalism, it brings a little more fun and mystery in life.


Wearing: White dust

The remains of life, diffused in every corner of the world.

Some people grave for just one thing, but I... I want it all. Graving the white dust, worth fighting the world.


Beauty and health: Mango walnut salad

Salads, it's light, healthy and super delicious. Today I made a salad with fresh eruca, mango, walnuts and honey mustard sauce. I love the light sharp taste of eruca in combination with those fruity mangos, it's absolutely perfect. Eruca is not only sharp of taste, it also fights cancer and is rich in vitamins and minerals. A soft and shiny skin? Eat mangos! Last but not least, walnuts are extremely good for your resistance and work against aging. Eat yourself younger!


Deerspiration: White Leather

This week I'm inspired by leather, especially white leather backpacks! 

This white Mark backback is my favourite of all. The structure is so amazing and so bionic.

I love these basic Nike shoes. These shoes are perfect in combination with long white skirts and add some edgyness to it.

What I also love are white caps, it really completes an outfit! All these items can make a look really edgy and oh so bionic!


Wearing: Crystal clear

It’s like the morning dew that becomes clear, first it’s all indistinct and fuzzy. Everything behind it, all a mystery. 

But every mystery disappears, everything what you never thought you would see, unforgettable and so unexpected. It all becomes clear, crystal clear. 


Deerspiration: Rare beauty

White- minimalistic-empty spaces, it's all beautiful. I'm inspired by everything, inspired by rare beauty. 

I learned to see what real beauty is. Beauty is a form of freedom. You first have to see less to notice that it's more.


Wearing: Lucidity

Lucidity, clear as the morning sea. Silence and no waves, no movement. Clear as the night sky without stars, absolute clarity.

Blinded by perfection, that I oversee the savages of the sea and the twinkling stars. Here in this absolute clarity, my lucidity


Wearing: Light ocean

At that moment I was looking at the ocean. I can feel the warm sun rays, overlaying my face. The birds flying high and the rustle of the ocean, a deep rustle.

New waves and new chances, it comes and goes. Repeating and repeating, till it stops.
Calmness and serenity, deep in my dreams of the light ocean.