Beauty and health: Miracle skin care

Forget those expensive spa's and start using water and milk! Do you know that the kitchen is like a miracle in skin care!? It's cheap and everyone have it at home. Drinking 2L water each day helps to make your skin clear and young, it also cleans from the inside. And we all know a beautiful skin begins with keeping the inside healthy and clean. Milk on the other hand.. isn't that good. Dairy products stimulate your hormones, what makes your skin impure and can cause acne. But there's a little theory. A bath mixed with hot water and milk seems to be a miracle for your skin, it makes it soft, glowy and let your pores shrink! 


  1. Sometimes I mix milk with water in a bottle and spray my face when it's hot! Its good though <3

  2. Much love for your comment on my blog bb! So true about milk. Sad because I love drinking it xx


  3. I can't wait to try this! Never thought to use milk for my skin before, especially since I don't drink it. Great post xx

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  4. Been avoiding milk so much due to reading about exactly what you wrote about! The last mixture though could be something worth trying though...


  5. great post, thank you for the beauty recommendations. and so true about water, skin looks better when you drink lost of water.
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