Beauty and health: Cucumber chicken salad with avocado

Salads, they're always good! This morning I made a cucumber chicken salad with fresh rocker, straight out of the garden!  This time no unhealthy sauces, but sprinkled with lime! That little sprinkle of lime is not only delicious, it's also a fresh healing power with your daily vitamin c. The sharp tasty rocker, rich in vitamin k and cucumber with your daily need of antioxidants. And at least the avocado, THE vitamin bomb!


DIY: Bionic cups

This week I reached over the 1500 fans on Lookbook! So I decided to make a special DIY, my very own bionic cups! It's easy to make an own cup and it's really fun too! Do you have a marker and plain cups? Are you bored? Well then is this DIY perfect for you.

And voila, done! So bionic!


Deerspiration: Metallic

This week's inspiration is all about metallic, a little metallic adds just that little edgyness!

These bomber jackets are a real must have in your wardrobe, especially the Jonathan Saunders jacket on the first photo! It's shiny, it's cool and what's not to love?

And the last one! These shorts are real eye candy, don't you think? Well I certainly love it.


Wearing: Pellucid

Pellucid, pellucid as glass.

Unspoken words dissapear in the world of thoughts.
Staring and whisper,  loud but unclear. Tone deaf, standing behind this glass.


Beauty and health: Mint tea

This week's recipe is pretty simple. But oh boy, so addictive. Everyday I'm drinking at least 2 glasses of mint tea. There's a story that mint is arose from jealousy of a god. The Greek goddess Persephone had a best friend Mintha. They were spending a lot of time together and then her husband Pluto became so jealous that he changed her into mint. Well I'm glad he did! No one should miss this fresh taste and the healing power against illness. So divine!


Deerspiration: Interior design

This week I'm inspired by interior design. I'm in love with the antithesis of minimal white in combination with different types of wood. 

I love these designs, especially the first and third photo, the wooden stair adds some real domesticity and nature into your room. 

This kitchen is minimal fantastic and gives a clear overview! Everyone needs a little design in their life, make your living a design!


DIY: White antique deer

This week I'm obsessed with interior design. What I really love is light wood in combination with minimal white. I wanted to add some 'bionic bambi' into my room and found this! It's easy to make this antique look bionic, a jar with paint, a tassel and let's go!

And the end result! So bionic.


Beauty and health: Creamy pasta with chicken and vegetables

Pasta, it's easy and delicious! Tonight I made a creamy pasta with chicken and vegetables. I really do love chicken, it's not only delicious, it's perfect for diets too! Unlike many other meats, it's light! Eating your broccoli is a good idea. This hearty, tasty vegetable is rich in dozens of nutriens. In fact, it packs the most nutrional punch of any vegetable. Last but not least the paprika, the fruit vegetable! It's not only cheerful, they're really healthy too, a lot of vitamins and minerals and keeps the skin clear.


Deerspiration: Bionic shoes

Oh my shoe! This week I'm inspired by bionic shoes! 

I'm officially in love with these pair of shoes! Especially the Johnathan shoe by YES. Their transparant, robotic and edgy. The 1461's monochromes by Dr.Martens are defintely a must too. Perfect for every outfit!

Buffalo x Forfex, doesn't it sound cool? Well this shoe is defintely a cool one! The colors are just so perfect!

Last but not least, you can't miss this lady! The Vagabond shoe by Dioon.