Beauty and health: Spinach salmon wraps

Today I made spinach salmon wraps. First to begin, spinach is a super healthy vegetable. Do you remember that tv show Popeye? That sailor man who became strong after eating spinach. That's one of the things that spinach does, it makes your body strong against diseases. Remarkable are the high percentages of all kinds of vitamin and minerals. And then the salmon, this extraordinary mechanism is said to be attributed to their memory of smell, this is why it's called brain food. Salmon is also rich in omega 3, what counteracts depressions and make your skin looks like you went to the beauty-parlour.


Wearing: White rabbit

    White, white rabbit. Do you know that if you go chase them, you might fall? Sometimes it can be hard and   the other times soft, softer than any pillow, any cloud. But what happens when pillows turn into stones and clouds become dark..


Deerspiration: Edgy hairstyle

   This week's inspiration is all about hairstyle. A nice pastel color, a short edgy haircut or beautiful white hair  strands. Nothing is too crazy! The best way to combine these kind of hairstyles are with white/black/grey  basic clothing! Don't feel like dressing up that much? No problem, these hairstyles will make you look  perfect!


Beauty and health: Miracle skin care

Forget those expensive spa's and start using water and milk! Do you know that the kitchen is like a miracle in skin care!? It's cheap and everyone have it at home. Drinking 2L water each day helps to make your skin clear and young, it also cleans from the inside. And we all know a beautiful skin begins with keeping the inside healthy and clean. Milk on the other hand.. isn't that good. Dairy products stimulate your hormones, what makes your skin impure and can cause acne. But there's a little theory. A bath mixed with hot water and milk seems to be a miracle for your skin, it makes it soft, glowy and let your pores shrink! 


Deerspiration: White eyeliner

This week's inspiration is all about light makeup looks. I have a love for white, so I went searching for a look that completely matched my wardrobe. The white eyeliner look is THE trend for this spring. It gives such a modern and unanbashingly cool vibe. Everyone should try this look at least one time, bright up your spring!


New in: Triple white

Oh yes, my order from ASOS finally arrived. I'm so happy with the items, the structures are such divine. My absolute favourite will be the bag with the dark blue brush. It really adds some awesomeness to your outfit. The Downtown' shirt is one of my favourites this spring, it has that fine grid fabric, so breezy! And the last one, the long 'Bond' skirt with the open sides, dangerous but cute. Inquisitive for the outfit post? It will be online this friday.


Wearing: S.I.L.V.E.R

When I close my eyes, I can see silver stars and fast passing silverfish. All images in order, mesmerizing and breathtaking.

Mesmerized by the calmness, mesmerized by the silver silence creating my mind.


Deerspiration: Flat sandals

This week I'm inspired by flat sandals. It's spring and the summer is coming soon. I've spotted a lot of people in the city already with flat sandals on. I just love these type of shoes because they're so simple but yet so edgy.

I'm in love with these two pair of sandals, especially the Mamut shoes by Sacro. The black and white leather combination is such divine. The white Charli Gladiators from Boohoo are simple but so cute, a real musthave!

This Zara Bio sandal is real eye candy, the design is stunning. Perfect in combination with long skirts and a cute pair of socks!


Beauty and health: Strawberry banana pancakes

Today I made delicious fruit pancakes with apple butter. Maybe not the most healthy recipe in the world, but sometimes a little sin isn't that bad! Isn't it pretty? Luckily the strawberries and bananas are healthy. The strawberry is almost the most healthy fruit, with rich of vitamin C. Also with vitamin A, B1, B2, sodium and calcium. And then the banana, not only yum, but they help against hangovers too! They also bring you a good mood and a lot of energy. Go banana go!


Deerspiration: Sunglasses

This week's inspiration is all about sunglasses. Blue skies, icecream and a bright shining sun, you can't miss a hot pair of sunglasses! 


So transparant and we love it! These two models are so edgy and fit every outfit! A real must have!

Last but not least, the cat eye! Spice up these hot days with a pair of cat eye sunglasses and you're good to go. You can't miss these ones!


New in: Black and metallic

This two new items just came in. I love it so much! Metallic is totally hot this season. I love the detail of the white in combination with metallic, makes it so edgy! The black and white leather bag is a real must have. This Scandinavian design is real eye candy! Want this bag too? Then go to: http://oldschoolbags.nl/store/black-white/


Beauty and health: Cucumber chicken salad with avocado

Salads, they're always good! This morning I made a cucumber chicken salad with fresh rocker, straight out of the garden!  This time no unhealthy sauces, but sprinkled with lime! That little sprinkle of lime is not only delicious, it's also a fresh healing power with your daily vitamin c. The sharp tasty rocker, rich in vitamin k and cucumber with your daily need of antioxidants. And at least the avocado, THE vitamin bomb!


DIY: Bionic cups

This week I reached over the 1500 fans on Lookbook! So I decided to make a special DIY, my very own bionic cups! It's easy to make an own cup and it's really fun too! Do you have a marker and plain cups? Are you bored? Well then is this DIY perfect for you.

And voila, done! So bionic!


Deerspiration: Metallic

This week's inspiration is all about metallic, a little metallic adds just that little edgyness!

These bomber jackets are a real must have in your wardrobe, especially the Jonathan Saunders jacket on the first photo! It's shiny, it's cool and what's not to love?

And the last one! These shorts are real eye candy, don't you think? Well I certainly love it.


Wearing: Pellucid

Pellucid, pellucid as glass.

Unspoken words dissapear in the world of thoughts.
Staring and whisper,  loud but unclear. Tone deaf, standing behind this glass.