Wearing: The reflection

Sometimes you wake up, realising that everything what you first thought was right, was all wrong. Blinded by the hunger in your eyes.

See what really matters and don't look through those misty glasses. If you look and don't see anything, there's a reason. Your inner light will show, if the light found you.

It's like a mirror, the reflection of your own reflection, will guide you the way.


Wearing: A reversed romance

Those French movies, romance and candles, skin crawling beautiful and mesmerizing. Those kinda ones, that kinda romance

I would crave it, keep it safe with my entire life. A French romance, oh so pure, craving it all. If I look close enough, it’s all reversed. I see a black hole, a deep dark black hole. Deep and dark, look away from that space, how deeper you’ll look, how deeper you’ll fall. Forever kept, taken by the darkness. 


Wearing: The past is the future light

When I looked in the mirror, I saw a light brightening Bambi standing right before me. Looking right through me, speaking right through me. I can clearly hear her voice now, her voice and a fast beating heart.

I never  knew that she was right there all the time. If you focus on the past too much, you can sometimes  oversee the  future.We human are inclined to look to far, when the future light is right there with us. It's what let us radiate, what let's radiate people.